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"Amy Haller is intelligent, athletic, charismatic and beautiful on the Inside and Out! She is truly authentic in her Mission, Dreams and Goals... to help others in Optimizing Their Human Potential! Coming from an Elite Athletic background to all of her Degrees and Certifications... She is 100% credible and qualified in her delivery! I adore Amy and know that anyone who experience her and her work... will be a better person for it! I highly recommend Amy... anyway you can get her!


Sincerely: Diana McNab

Peak Performance Enhancement Specialist




"Amy was the guest speaker at a recent Philly-MAMA meeting, a group I founded dedicated to promoting the success of attorney-moms in all aspects of life. Through a thought-provoking presentation, Amy opened our eyes to ways of approaching stress-inducing situations that many of us had not considered before. She was prepared and engaging, leaving the group with a renewed sense of perspective and optimism. Amy is clearly a talented coach and speaker; I recommend her without hesitation.


Laura C. Mattiacci

Parter at Console Law Offices LLC and Founder of Philly-MAMA




"the session that Amy Haller had with my team was inspiring and very helpful. We had some internal struggles that I, as a head coach, could not help with. Amy coached my team through some mental aspects of the game and helped us succeed in our goal of making the championship game of our conference and remaining nationally ranked for the year! Thank you so much Amy for your ability to bring my athletes to the next mental level of our sport.






"In a very short period of time Amy has helped the dancers of Pennsylvania Ballet gain an insight into achieving their goals as professional performers. She has given them tools that enable them to focus and prepare in a way that gives them great freedom to perform at the highest level consistently


Roy Kaiser

Artistic Director




"My daughter, Isabella DiLisio, is a pretty accomplished amateur and collegiate golfer. She has won numerous golf tournaments in the last few years, both locally and nationally. A few years ago she asked me to find somebody to help her with some of the mental aspects of playing tournament golf. After a fairly exhaustive search and after consulting with other highly regarded competitive athletes, we decided to bring her to Amy Haller.


She came highly recommended, worked with athletes in many different sports and executives in many different industries.


Over the past few years, Amy has worked on many different aspects of the mental game with Isabella including focus training and other techniques to help her play at an optimal level most of the time. The results of this work has been immeasurable and has helped Isabella both on the golf course and in the classroom in school.


In addition to the help from the techniques that Amy has taught Isabella, she has helped reinforce her confidence in her ability to execute properly out on the course.


Amy has helped Isabella most after a frustrating round where things didn’t go as well as she hoped. Her reassuring, confident, and calming demeanor helps relax and refocus Isabella.


The other benefit for Isabella is having somebody other than a parent, peer, or swing coach to discuss the details of her rounds of golf or any other matter that is on her mind. Aside from the work they put in together, Isabella really enjoys talking to Amy and considers her a friend. Now that she is in college, it is very comforting to me that in addition to calling her parents, she can call Amy to discuss any issue.


Amy seems to enjoy talking to Isabella as well, and appears to really relish in her success and the success of all her students. Our relationship with Amy has been a very positive experience for us.

Any competitive athlete, business executive, or anybody that is looking for techniques and guidance to allow themselves to live, work, play or perform up to their potential would benefit greatly from working with Amy.


Sam DiLisio




"I called Amy because I felt my daughter was on the cusp of improving her squash game, and her national ranking, but was still inconsistent on court and in her confidence. As with any individual sport, squash matches are very tense — add to this the rally point scoring — any drop in focus can mean you’re behind and the game can be over quickly.


I wanted my daughter to develop mental skills that would help her handle the stress and allow her to trust her ability during matches as well as improve her confidence when she was playing national tournaments.


Amy’s work with my daughter has been a valuable resource this season as she has talked my daughter through the tools she can use to keep her composure on court under pressure. Amy’s sessions by Skype fit with a competitive athlete’s busy training schedule, and in each session, Amy allows my daughter to walk through her fears and feelings, while helping my daughter make a of positive power words to refer to when she is frustrated during competition. Amy even came to watch one of my daughter’s school matches.


The emphasis on positive self-talk and confidence in being prepared for a match, or any high-pressure situation like a big test at school, I feel has given my daughter skills that will extend beyond the squash court.


Maggie Lockwood




"I am writing to tell you what a difference you have made in my son’s life on and off the tennis court and in my life as a parent and tennis mom.


I searched high and low to find someone to help my son with one of the most important parts of his tennis training – the mental side. In fact, many tennis professionals would say the mental training is the most important because more matches have been lost by a mental breakdown that resulted in a skill breakdown – then game, set, match and its over. In addition to finding help for my son, I also needed help as a non-tennis playing mom trying to navigate in the crazy world of competitive junior tennis.


I never thought I would find a professional who could come close to meeting all our needs until I found you.


Your skills as a top junior and collegiate athlete (tennis) as well as a tennis and life coach make you more well rounded than anyone I could have ever hoped to find. As a top competitive athlete yourself and the mother of top athletes, you understand the tough world my son lives in and my world too.


You help him cope and give him real strategies to aid him in overcoming the multitude of stresses on and off the court. After a session with you, he is relaxed, focused and has a game plan for how to handle the ups and downs that occur in any sporting event and/or life. Plus, he is happy and positive which helps tremendously in all parts (at home, at school, in training) of his life. He trusts you and believes in you and knows you were the missing piece in his puzzle of success. He is so very thankful for your help and support.


I too believe in you and trust you with helping him and helping me be a better mom. You help me understand him as a teen and as a competitive athlete. You help me to know what my role is in this adventure and how important my actions are to his success.

I am so very thankful to have you as my mentor too because it truly takes a village to make a champion.


Coaches help the player whether it be with skills, strategies, strength and/or conditioning but very few help the parents who in the tennis world are the only “coaches” with the player during most tournaments. A wrong word said at a bad time can send your player into a mental chasm for which it is impossible to climb out of in time. Therefore, your words of wisdom to me are priceless because those little pearls allow me to help and not hurt my son during the long days on the battlefield (a/k/a USTA Jr Tennis Tourneys).


I thank you for being the professional and caring person you are and for everything you have done to help our family. Any family with sports crazy children would be blessed to have you on their team. I know we are forever grateful to have you as a teammate. Thank goodness I never gave up my search even after several years of trying out others that just didn’t fit our needs because if I had just settled for “OK”, I would have never found perfection – YOU!







"I have known Amy Haller for the last 25 years and have experienced her great knowledge of sports competition, and the ability to motivate and inspire people.


Amy held the # 1 Doubles Position on a competitive and high level tennis team league that I ran. I was able to watch her tenacity and skills as an athlete.


Amy has also coached with me for the last 3 years at a private high school, working with me for both the Boys and Girls Varsity and JV.


Her ability to connect with the kids, and provide insightful knowledge of the game, made her a very effective and popular coach.


Rose Weinstein

Middle States Tennis Hall of Fame

Jewish Hall of Fame

3 term President of Philadelphia Tennis Association

USTA National Committee

Coach of Philadelphia Delegates for Macabi Games

8 Year Varsity Tennis Coach




"The Men's & Women's tennis teams of Saint Joseph's University, asked Amy Haller of Inner Champion Coaching to make appropriate presentations to their squads that had seasonal qualities. In the fall Amy discussed goal setting, individual performance evaluations, mindfulness and general imagery and relaxation techniques. In the spring Amy emphasized team building and bonding, what dynamics make teams successful, evaluation of individuals to team goals and reiterated mindfulness and relaxation techniques.


Both male and female participants enjoyed and benefited from the experience. Amy has a great way of screening materials, diluting to what has relevance and then presenting them in a manner and style that is organized and stimulating for the recipients.


We have, and will try to continue, working with Amy for the benefit of future squads. It is a valuable experience for individuals of any age.


Ian Crookenden


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